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0 - 6 Months

Our aPlus™ Newborn Formula is developed to be nutritionally complete with whey protein the natural dominant protein in Breast milk.

aPlus Premium Infant Formula Scientifically Logo Shield

Follow On
6 - 12 Months

Our aPlus™ Newborn Follow on Formula has been enriched with whey protein, vitamins, minerals and pre-biotics.

aPlus Premium Infant Formula Scientifically Logo Shield

1 - 3 years

Our aPlus™ Premium Toddler Formula contains essential vitamins and minerals to support this rapid growth development stage.

Our Mission is to Provide

the best natural start for our future generations

The aPLUS Formula for Children

Friendly bacteria are great for little tummies, and aPLUS has developed the optimal combination of prebiotics for gut health in infants.
A combination of Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) help to create a gut environment very similar to that of breast-fed babies.
This means boosted immune health, reduced infections and allergy-related symptoms, firmer stool and a happier, healthier baby.

aPlus Milk scientifically formulated
aPLUS Milk Formula

Scientifically Formulated

The aPLUS formulas contain a unique blend of scientifically researched ingredients to keep your baby healthy.

aPlus milk Gos & Fos Pre-biotics
aPLUS Milk Formula

GOS & FOS Pre-Biotics

To promote immune health, reduce the chance of infection and ensure you have a happier, healthier baby.

aPlus Milk Nutritionally Complete
aPLUS Milk Formula

Nutritionally Complete

The aPLUS formula is nutritionally complete, providing key ingredients essential for growth and development.

aPlus Milk essential vitamins and minerals
aPLUS Milk Formula

Essential Vitamins & Minerals

To assist your baby with further brain and eye development, maintain a healthy digestive system and more.

Australian Dairy Cows

APlus Milk Australia is produced from Australian Dairies. All milk products are made from 100% Australian owned industries.
All our products are 100% Australian owned and manufactured.

aPlus Milk Formula Fresian Dairy Cows

On average Australian Dairy Farms has around 250 to 350 cows grazing on natural pastures. Unlike many other countries where space is limited.

aPlus Infant Formula Dairy Cows Grazing

Fresian cows being milked for aPlus Infant formula

All equipment and facilities are kept to the highest standard for the safety and quality of our product. Regular inspections ensure that strict guidelines are followed.

Dairy Cows milking time

Australian Jersey Cows aPlus baby formula

Jersey Dairy Cows are not as common as the bigger black and white Fresian Dairy cows. Jersey cows are mainly used for the high cream content produced in their milk.

Australian Jersey Dairy Cows

Australian Dairy Products produces the aPlus Infant Formula Range

Tp produce a high quality product suitable for our future generations, you need to start from the best.
Australian Dairy Industries Pty Ltd is 100% Australian Owned.

Australian Milk from Australian Dairy Products

aPlus Milk Australia is produced by grazing on lush pastures

Our aPlus dairy cows graze and roam all year round. As such, it is no wonder that the cows living on such lush, green lands are the healthiest and that Australia produces the best quality of milk in the world.

Lush green pastures all year

Because Of Our Partners, We Are able to offer 100% Australian Owned & Manufactured aPlus Infant Formula!

aPlus Milk Australia

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happy family playing on white bed, aplus Premium Infant Formula

Tania Nguyen

Australian made! Having a 100% Australian baby formula has made my life so much easier. I use the stage 1 for my 9 month old. No tummy upsets.

aPlus milk formula testimonial

Linda Pham

Being a new Mum, I struggled with having enough information on whether to continue breast feeding and feel tired all the time, or to share between breast milk and infant formula. aPLUS has helped me to get some sleep, to spend more valuable time with my baby and my family. Thank you

aPlus Milk Australia Testimonial

Sandy Fuller

Fussy baby, not only did I suffer, but so did my beautiful boy. We noticed an immediate difference. He stopped his fussing and slept better. Even his hair started to come through. 3 months later and he had gained weight and became perfectly contented. Our whole family is now sleeping better.

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