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Bulk Buy Deals Lets us help you. aPlus Milk Australia is here to help you with Bulk Deals of PREMIUM aPlus Infant formula. We are always looking for new partnerships for the retail sales of the aPlus Formula range of products. Contact us today for more information, our team is happy to help you understand the many benefits of our Australian Made products.

Our infant formulas are full of vitamins and minerals that can assist your baby with further brain and eye development, maintaining a healthy digestive system, supporting your baby’s immune system and providing your baby with strong, healthy growth. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are providing your baby with premium grade Australian product that is 100% manufactured, packed and sealed in Victoria, Australia.

P.O. Box 234 Bulimba Queensland Australia 4171

Andrew Street, Balmoral Queensland Australia. 4171

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Founded in 2012

A collaboratively of a driven group who share a passion for nutrition, and its ability to increase and maintain health through all life stages. We were established as an exporter of premium Australian dairy products to China and Asia. Since our formation both our team and product range has grown, allowing us to introduce unique infant formula and life time nutritional products such as milk powders, supplement drinks, and specifically formulated maternal and elderly products into overseas markets, an now we are developing a strong Australia market for our aPlus Infant Formulars.

Developing a strong Australia market.

Are you a small indepentant retailer wanting a great deal on Premium Infant Formulas and not selling the same brand as in the Big Retailers. we can help you. Become one of our many retail shop fronts and we will direct our customers to you who want to buy our products in smaller numbers.

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