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aPlus Follow On Formula Stage Two – 6 to 12 months


aPLUS follow On Formula Stage Two is a premium follow-on formula  that is scientifically formulated to meet the increasing nutritional requirements of bottle fed babies aged between 6 to 12 months years of age.  Our follow-on formula is intended to act as a complement to your babies diet while you introduce solid foods. Nutritionally complete, aPLUS Milk premium follow-on provides vital nutrients that meet the needs of growing babies aged between 6 – 12 months.

Our follow-on formula builds upon the great foundation set by Stage One.  In Stage Two, we meet the increasing nutritional requirements of your baby’s growing body, acting as the perfect supplement to their diet as you introduce solid food.

Stage Two is ‘casein’ dominant, a wonderful milk protein that provides your baby with the building blocks for physical development, as well as aiding digestion.



Suggested Feeding Amounts: (This is a guide only.)
Your baby knows how much to drink and may need more             
or less than suggested. Please don’t force your baby to
drink more than he/she wants. Not to be used for infants
aged under 6 months of age.
Always make the formula according to the instructions.
For each 1 level scoop (4.4g), add 30ml of cooled boiled
water. Prepare each bottle individually. If a bottle of made
up formula, is to be stored prior to use, it must be refrigerated
and used within 24 hours. Throw away any unfinished feed.

aPlus Infant Formula Stage Two has been enriched with vitamins and minerals and importantly
pre-biotics to make it easily digestible and gentle on young tummies. By choosing aPlus Follow On Formula Stage Two  you  can be confident you are making the right choice for your baby by providing complete and
wholesome nutrition giving your little one the best start in life.

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