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Official Distributors of aPlus Infant Products
Australia & New Zealand

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Australian Made

All our products are made here in Australia, from Australian dairy cows.

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Australian Owned

All our products are 100% owned by Australians,

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By Australian Farmers

Australian farmers supply all the dairy products used to produce all our products.

Victoria Australia Aplus Infant Formula
Victoria Australia


Our infant formulas are full of vitamins and minerals that can assist your baby with further brain and eye development, maintaining a healthy digestive system, supporting your baby's immune system and providing your baby with strong, healthy growth. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are providing your baby with premium grade Australian product that is 100% manufactured, packed and sealed in Victoria, Australia.  

We take great pride in our stringent quality control and quality assurance practices, amongst the "Toughest in the world"

Three Reasons to Buy Your aPlus Formula In Bulk.

  • Saving Money

The most obvious advantage to buying your aPlus Formula in bulk is spending less money over time. Why buy a Can of Formula at the supermarket every other day when you can buy a box of 6 cans for a cheaper price? Thinking ahead can make a world of difference for your wallet.

  • Less Travel

Driving to the store every week can easily become mundane and costly. Solve this issue by making a simple online purchase  once every three weeks. By buying your aPlus Formula in bulk, you can set aside more time to relax on the weekends instead of braving the crowds of the grocery store.

  • aPlus for Friends

More often than not, your friends come over with their children (come for one hour stay the whole day) and raid your formula. This often leaves you with a lack of aPlus formula for your needs. The simple solution is to buy more aplus so you can be a more accommodating host. You could even join together and buy more Premium aPlus Formula and save more money.


Our Dairy Products are fully accredited with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and as such are proud to display this logo on our product. HACCP is a risk management methodology used by food industries for the control of food safety hazards to extremely stringent standards. The HACCP principles have been adopted all over the world, particularly in the USA, Europe, The Far East and Australasia. Increasingly, HACCP is becoming an important feature in the import/export process. It is recognised by all countries as the best method of food risk management. The logo is well known, highly recognised and understood by industries to be synonymous with an active and proven dedication to consumer food safety and ‘fitness for purpose’

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Support Australian Farmers, buy Australian Made!

Helping Families Provide the Best for Future Generations!

Making healthy choices can sometimes be difficult for new parents.
Always research your options and ask your doctor for advice.

Education on Choices

Mother's Health

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Best Nutrition

Personality Development

Parenting Decisions

Happy and Healthy

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